Motivation | Education & Training

We grow together

Employee motivation and training play an important role in the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY, because a professional team is our capital. Therefore, we train our employees optimally and support them with further training and promotion opportunities.

  • Regular internal and external training in the various departments
  • Financial support for further training, provided it is related to the area of responsibility
  • Financial support for language courses
  • Annual departmental outings
  • The entire staff, including apprentices, are cordially invited to the annual Christmas dinner
  • Our apprentices enjoy an exciting one-day apprentice excursion with our HR manager
  • Depending on the final apprenticeship grade, this is rewarded with a monetary amount and each apprenticeship graduate enjoys a fine farewell dinner with the management and parents
Career and development opportunities in the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY

A few success stories

It doesn't always have to be «from dishwasher to millionaire» - it can also be «from chambermaid to governess» or «from chef to hotel group manager». Let yourself be inspired by some exciting CVs and find out more about the development opportunities in the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY.

Susana do Carmo Quintela Rodrigues Sousa

Success thanks to further training

Susana packed her bags in Portugal 10 years ago and moved to Switzerland with her husband and two children. Her sister Ivone was already working at our Hotel Belvedere and so Susana started working for us as a chambermaid and buffet employee. From the beginning, she tries to integrate into the new environment as quickly as possible. By regularly attending language courses, which we support financially, and through her own efforts and great commitment, Susana learns German very quickly. This language advantage enables her to take over tasks in the service office very soon.

In the joint location and qualification discussions, which take place twice a year, it becomes clear that Susana would like to develop further in the service area, because she very much appreciates the cooperation in the team and loves dealing with our hotel guests.

Through the Progresso courses co-financed by the L-GAV, Susana is continuing her education in the service department and after a few months in the position as a service employee, we are happy to hand over the responsible tasks as Chef de Rang to her. Susana has been working in this position for a few years now. She enjoys it and is a supporting and reliable pillar in our team for our BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY.

Ivone Quintela Rodrigues

With ability and creativity

Ivone starts her Belvedere journey more than 20 years ago when she leaves her home country and starts a new life in Switzerland with her husband. 

Ivone starts working as a chambermaid in our just reopened 4* Hotel Belvedere in 1999. After a 5-year break and running her own bakery in Portugal, Ivone returns to our hotel as a chambermaid and lingerie manager. As a trained seamstress, she can always apply her skills to minor alterations and mending work.

From May 2011, Ivone takes over the position of deputy housekeeper and supports the central housekeeper in the daily routine. With a view to taking on more management responsibility, Ivone completes an external training course «Leading in Home Economics» which lasts several months. As an employer, we are happy to provide full financial support for this course.

Ivone shows a lot of joy and skill in decorating and presenting. We want to encourage this talent and pay the costs of an external training course. Since then, Ivone has also been working as a decorator in our  Hotel and delights both our guests and staff with her creative and stylish decorating ideas throughout the year.

When a succession plan was pending due to the retirement of the central housekeeper, it was clear to our management to hand over this responsible position to Ivone and to further promote her. Due to Ivone's many years of experience in the position of deputy houskeeper and her knowledge of the processes in our large hotel operation, she is perfect for this position.

Ivone is taking part in an internal leadership course, has now been leading our housekeeping and porter team of approx. 30 employees in all three hotels since September 2020 and is a member of the 1st cadre.

Sandy Stöckenius

Career and family manager

When Sandy Stöckenius first came to Scuol, she only wanted to stay for a year. One year has now turned into 16 years of BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY as well as a husband and 2 children. As a trained hotel manager, Sandy knows the hotel industry from the ground up and has already worked in management positions in the upscale hotel industry in Switzerland. She started her career at Belvedere in 2005 as Deputy Director and Human Resources Manager - on a full-time basis. During this time, Sandy also completed her postgraduate studies in Hotel Management HF.

In the meantime, Sandy is not only rooted in the Belvedere Hotel family, but also married to a local «Engadin». In 2012, she has her first child. After a short baby break, Sandy returns to the business with enthusiasm. In 2014, it was with great pleasure that she was entrusted with the management as operational director at the Hotel Belvedere. She is a hostess with heart and soul. She dedicates herself to the company with great joy and commitment.

When her second child was born in spring 2017, Sandy wanted to take a shorter operational step in the company so that she could also manage her family life. She relinquishes her duties as operational director and has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes since December 2017. She is responsible for the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY as HR/QM manager, as well as apprentice manager for 180 employees. But she also remains loyal to the regular guests and always welcomes them back to the restaurant.

René Stoye

With know-how and a vision of its own

When René Stoye joined our hotel resort in summer 2013 and took over as head chef of the restaurant in the boutique hotel GuardaVal, he already brought with him an immense amount of know-how from his previous positions in first-class hotels. He soon put his own signature on the cuisine of the GuardaVal with his kitchen philosophy «Paschiun art culinarica alpina», which earned him 15 points in the Gault & Millau for the gourmet restaurant.

René also distinguishes himself as a host in the F&B area in close collaboration with the then director of the GuardaVal. Following his departure, he will take over the overall management of the Engadine boutique hotel GuardaVal as director in spring 2018.

When the ownership of the Belvedere Hotels wanted to take a step back and withdraw from the operational business, the opportunity opened up for René as a member of the management to take over the operational fate of the entire hotel group as Head of BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY. He has now been the Scuol site manager of the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY since December 2020.