Our objectives and values

We are one of the leading innovative and financially sound family-owned hotel resorts in the Swiss mountains. Together with our hotel family, we create lasting holiday experiences in the unique Engadine. Every day we are professional and dedicated hosts every day.

Engadine sgraffiti, which can be found on numerous houses in the village, have profound meanings. The individual symbols often contain a multitude of wishes and meanings. Some of these sgraffito symbols and meanings complement the guiding principles of the BELVEDERE HOTEL FAMILY and emphasise our connection with the culture of the Lower Engadine.

The Dolphin | Human friendly

Inspiring guests and employees

We impress our guests with above-average service and a positive attitude. We are role models - attentive, friendly and cordial. We never say NO to our guests.

The Cosmic Snake | Eternal Cycle

Thinking and acting sustainably

We use resources carefully and consciously. We are committed to the region so that the Lower Engadine remains a vibrant valley for future generations.

The tree of life | Unity in diversity

Practising respectful interaction

We communicate appreciatively, even under pressure. We respect everyone in the team, regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

The flaming solar wheel | Harmony of spiritual forces

Finding solutions for objectives

We set ourselves objectives and always find ways to achieve them. We give our employees the freedom to make their own decisions and find their own solutions. We know that mistakes happen and we learn from them.

The goblet | Renewal and vitality

Promoting talent and personal initiative

All employees contribute their special skills and talents. We make work enriching, everyone can learn and benefit. In our hotel family, everyone has development opportunities.

The sun made of stars | Many stars form a sun

Support each other in a team-oriented manner

We work together reliably and in a spirit of trust. We promote cooperation within the teams and between our hotels. We are always looking for improvements. We comes before me!

Source: Folk symbols in the Engadin and their possible meanings | Ulrich Vital, Sent